15 Best site to watch Telugu movies online 2021

You are on the list of people who like to watch telugu movies, now you can watch Telugu movies online for free as you thought. These days, Indian Telugu movies are stealing the hearts of many people.

It’s okay to go to the theater for a while and watch a movie. But you will lose your money and time by visiting the theater regularly. Therefore, the best way you can watch without wasting your time and money is watch Telugu movies online for free .

Of these, the Telugu Movies Online Site‌ includes excellent HD, 4K master print videos, and high definition audio movies. You can watch movies on these sites without paying a single rupee for old to new Telugu movies and without any buffering problem.

Almost all movie lovers love the action of Telugu movies and the many different stories they present in the form of movies. That is why everyone is more interested in watching the latest Telugu movies online. If you are one of them, then we have brought a list of Telugu movies online watch free websites, there are two types of which are first paid and second free!

Telugu movies watch online free

YouTube – Free & Paid

YouTube is the best site that allows everyone to stream videos online for free. YouTube also offers a large number of movies. However, according to our research, most viewers are unaware that they can watch thousands of movies on YouTube for free.

The best thing about YouTube is that you do not need to sign in with your Google account to watch movies on Youtube, and you do not even need to sign up. Just open Youtube and search film and watch the film you want.

TeluguPalaka { Free }

TeluguPalaka is the best site to watch Telugu movies online with your family or friends. Plus, you can watch your favorite actress or actor’s Telugu movie in it.

This online Telugu movies-watching website comes in front of you in various forms. On this website, you will find various latest Telugu movies like Hindi movies, new Tamil movies, dubbed movies, Hollywood movies, new Telugu movies from old Telugu movies, and movie trailers.

Another fantastic thing on this site is that you get it for free. Yes, what you heard is literally true. You can watch every movie on this Telugu government site without paying a single rupee.

TodayPK { Free }

Todaypk site is also one of the best Telugu movie sites to watch online and a list of the largest number of movies to watch on Todaypk.

Are you a lover of action, thriller, or comedy movies? All you need to do is select the Todaypk site. This TodayPK website offers you almost the best movies of the regional languages for free. Also, it is very easy to find your favorite movie on this site.

Tubi Tv – Free

Tube TV these days has a huge list of movies and TV series. Not only that, Tubi TV is a free platform to watch new Telugu movies online. You do not have to pay a single rupee. It launched in April 2014. You can watch the latest film in various categories to choose from and watch on this website.

  For example: You can watch other best Telugu movies like Comedy, Thriller, Action, Horror on this Tubi TV site. You can watch any new film included in this category for free. Another surprise is that along with Tube TV, and you can also watch the best Telugu web series for free.

Bolly2Tolly – Free

Bolly2Tolly’s website is one of the best things that everyone must appreciate, and it does not contain ads. The interface is also good to watch, and everyone loves it too, so on this site, you can easily find the old Telugu movies to new Telugu movies you want to watch.

This website contains both Bollywood and Tollywood movies. Also, there are many latest movies in Tollywood, including Telugu’s new movies.

When you type the name of the movie you want, you will find the list of newly released Telugu movies. You can also watch movies for free on this Telugu movie online site without paying a single penny.

  If you want to watch Telugu movies online on this site, you must first disable it if you are using AdBlock in your browser. You can watch movies on this online site only after disabling Adblock.

   One last little tip: if you encounter a buffering problem, pause the video for a while and play again. The issue will be solved. For the best screening to watch Telugu movies online, you need to watch the film in the Anonymous ( Incognito ) tab.

YoMovies – Free

Nowadays, there are a lot of websites that offer movies for free online. But Yomovies is one of the best websites to watch the latest Telugu movies online. Yes, now you can watch new Telugu movies in HD quality for free on Yomovie without buying any membership.

 You can search for and find the movie by typing your favorite Telugu movie’s name in the search bar of this website. Once found, you can watch your favorite movie online for free through the Yomovies site.

 The Yomovies site has hundreds of Telugu movies stored so that you can watch new Telugu movies and old Telugu movies anywhere, anytime for free. Speaking of Quality, the film in it is super awesome with 480P, 720P, and 1080P Quality.

Tiruttuvcd | Free

The Thiruttuvcd website has an extensive collection of Telugu and other language movies. These days it is one of the best Telugu movie sites to watch online for free and get the best 420P and 720P Quality.

 The Landing Page of this website is designed to be very easy for anyone to use. If you are looking for your favorite new Telugu movie now, it is an effortless thing. Yes, you can see the result as soon as you enter your favorite Cinema name in the search bar. 

Remember one thing, once you find your favorite movie, immediately click Watch Now. This is because most of the Popup ads on this website are misleading and lead you to the infected website.

The site is classified by thiruttuvcd Telugu and other new movies, language, year, and Quality. This site has a large number of videos stored, which helps people a lot.

This is a perfect website to watch the best Telugu online movies in 2021. The sound of other languages ​​is also available in each film.

Pycker { All ways free }

Are you looking for an online Telugu movie site that offers free and HD screen Telugu movies? However, the best way is to visit the Pycker site once in a while.

Yes, you can watch the latest Telugu movies in HD quality for free on this Pycker site. Also, your favorite movies like romantic, action, drama, or comedy will appear.

This Pycker Telugu Movie Online website’s user interface is straightforward to use, and the audience will love it. You can easily find your favorite Telugu movies by typing the movie name. 

Also, the best thing about this is that you can watch newly released Telugu movies for free. Another thing, currently Pycker – has Tollywood, Bollywood, Kollywood, categories.

Moviestars – Free

These days there is a new website called Moviestars that offers free movies online. Also, it has an extensive list of movies.

 One of the best things we found by contacting the moviestars site is that you see fewer ads when you watch videos on this site.

The Cine Bay – Free

The Cine Bay is also one of the best websites for offering free Telugu movies online without any hassle. You will not find many movie industry movies on this website, and it is made exclusively for Bollywood movies and Tollywood movies. All other industries are likely to bring their films to this website soon.

The cine Bay website also has various shows available for you, including Tollywood movies, new Telugu movie trailers, and everyone’s favorite “Karthika deepam serial” of Telugu TV serials.

 This site offers 480P 720P HD quality and the latest Telugu movies online for free. This is an excellent website for streaming movies from the website. This website provides the most accurate results for any movie name you enter and search in the search bar.

Best website to watch Telugu movies online for paid

Amazon Prime Videos {30-days-free trial}

These days everyone knows about Amazon Prime videos. Prime Videos is the best way to watch the latest Telugu movies online, two important things. The first is the paid site which is a small painful thing; the second amazing thing is that it has a huge collection of Telugu movies from all categories.

The interface for their users is friendly, making it easy to search. It will be a data saver for you if you do not use wi-fi under any circumstances.

Yupp Tv { 14 days free }

YuppTv is also one of the best Telugu movies online websites list. In it, you can see a few hundred movies. But the thing to worry about is that it is only available for free for 14 days, after which if you want to watch movies in it you must buy their membership. 

This website is designed with a very simple interface. Therefore, anyone can use it very easily. You can watch every newly released movie online from old Telugu movies. Also, in addition to this, you will get live TV.

PlaySominal TV – Paid

This site is excellent for watching Telugu movies online, but there is one bitter thing about it: it is a paid website in which if you want to watch new Telugu movies, you must buy their subscription plan.

 Once you take their membership, they will provide you good quality pictures till that expiration date. You can also find English subtitles, high-rated and trending Telugu movies.

Aha! { Paid }

The best streaming site on most OTT platforms right now is aha!, which has an easy and excellent user interface to impress the audience, a search function, and even an extensive list of movies.

 Aha Telugu, The most worrying thing about the movie site is that it does not broadcast Telugu movies online for free. Not only Telugu online movies but also other films are included in it. 

Also in which if you want to watch movies, you must buy their membership. Once you have purchased the membership, you can watch new Telugu movies on their site, and the best Telugu web series are also available.

Peacock Tv – Paid

Nowadays, we all know how big NBC’s company’s Peacock Tv was officially launched on NBC Pvt Ltd’s new streaming platform on July 15, 2020. You will find many free movies on this Peacock Tv site, many types of best Telugu web series, and live TV channels.

 List of best Telugu movies, sensitive playback, and you can watch it for free without purchasing any membership. Also, here are some reasons why Peacock TV has been gaining millions of members since its release.

The main reason for Peacock TV to get millions of members is that Peacock TV is now available as an app for easy installation on Firestick / Fire TV, iOS, Android devices, Apple TV. Therefore, it was able to gain millions of viewers in such a short period.

We hope this article helped you, and you can come back to our blog anytime to learn more useful things like this. Thanks for coming to our blog

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